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Importance of Civic Engagement for PTs and PTAs

Note:  APTA Michigan supports all candidates, regardless of political party affiliation, who are supportive of issues important to our profession and patients we serve.

Many of you have heard me talk about the importance of civic engagement. I am currently running for State Representative in Michigan’s 60th House District and am in a competitive primary which takes place on August 4. While I highly encourage physical therapists and physical therapist assistants to consider running for office (we need more of us making decisions at all levels of government!), I wanted to discuss a few political options that can make a difference for our profession.

First, NOW is the time to consider volunteering, donating, and helping with a campaign and candidate you believe in. Trust me, candidates will REMEMBER those volunteers who spent time making calls, texting, lit dropping, putting up yard signs and giving of their time to help the campaign. Of course, monetary donations are also needed, but there is nothing like volunteering to make an impression with a candidate and future lawmaker.

Second, consider applying to serve on a city, county, or state advisory board. There are many – some to consider include Public Health boards, environmental boards, school boards, and planning commissions.

Third, use your social media platforms to help encourage people to vote for candidates you think are physical therapy friendly and will help promote our issues.

Last but not least, vote, AND take someone with you to the polls or encourage your friends, family, and neighbors to vote. And if you have students in your workplace, encourage them to get registered and vote.

Also, please consider thanking a candidate for running. Whether they win or lose, being in the public eye is a difficult endeavor. Few reach out and say thanks. Again, you will make a difference and stand out by sending a note of appreciation to your favored candidate after the election.  Include your business card and offer to be of assistance with any health-related legislation or issues that may arise.

Julie M. Rogers, PT

Candidate for State Representative, 60th House District



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