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Over 3000sq foot space for lease in rural community.  Connected to a chiropractic clinic, a perfect space for building your dream office.  We have two separtate suites available, one is a 2500sq foot area (50x50) and the other area is approximately 700sq foot.  The spaces both have electrical with the larger space having plumbing and a bathroom.    Our clinic has over 12000 visits per year so there is plenty of foot traffic and we would love to partner with someone close to help our patients reach optimal health.  If you dream of working in a small rural community but are fearful there is not enough people to be successful, we are proof it can be done.  We have patients coming from all over southwest michigan.  The demand for physical therapy is so high in this area and there are only a few locations in the entire county!  We are willing to lease RENT FREE for 6 months to give you enough time to become established.  Email me for more information at or call 269 203 5520.  


June 1, 2020

Company: Southwest Spine Center PLLC
Location: 521 North Burr Oak Road, Colon, MI, USA
Contact: Dr. Stephen Awwad Email:
Phone: 269.203.5520 Website: Click to visit

Concussion Lab’s newly redesigned Laser Headlamp is an innovative technology that can be integrated in post-concussion assessment and rehabilitation exercise programs. The CL Laser Headlamp was designed specifically for the administration of the Cervical Joint Position Error Test (JPET), which tests one’s ability to relocate the head back to center after rotation in the sagittal and transverse planes. The JPET is considered a primary measure of mismatched cervical afferent input leading to abnormalities with sensorimotor control, which is often seen after neck trauma or injury to the neck in whiplash, concussion, and chronic neck pain patients. With added comfort and an adjustable laser unit and strap, the CL laser headlamp can further be used in treatment to help patients that are recovering from a head injury retrain their sensorimotor integration systems simply and effectively. In particular, our product targets cervical kinaesthesia, oculomotor tracking, and vestibular-ocular reflex function. In addition to clinical practice, the laser headlamp is a useful research tool in laboratory studies that serve to advance our understanding of concussion recovery.


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  • Low-profile laser unit with a rotational holder and adjustable light angle
  • Device separates from headband (easy for cleaning purposes)
  • Comfortable, adjustable, woven nylon elastic head strap
  • Simple on/off push switch
  • (3) LR44 batteries included



May 14, 2020

Company: Concussion Lab Inc.
Location: 35 Datchet Road, North York, ON, Canada
Contact: Siobhan Godwin Email:
Phone: 615.684.7571 Website: Click to visit


YouTube Video of Products

PPE Product Line Countertop Sneeze Guards and Clear Face Shields - And NEW Social Distancing Signage

MPTA Member Order Form Download file

MPTA special promotion: 15% off until 6/30/20

For your staff/patient protection:

PT countertop sneeze guards/social distancing with plastic barriers - Special MPTA Pricing Download file

- 24x32" --1/8" acrylic 

- Featuring cut-outs/adjustable pass-throughs 

- Variety of panel sizes/mounting methods

- Connect and link panels together 

- Easy and fast installation

- Low cost from $34.00 - $59.00

PT Clear Plastic Quality Face Shields  - Special MPTA Pricing: 

- Give your staff/patients more protection 

  from virus penetrating eyes, nose, and mouth 

- Flip up/down shield feature 

- .020 PETG acrylic: durable, reusable and easy to clean

- Ajustable headband straps

- Economical: from $4.00-$15.00

MPTA Special:15% off promotion until 6/30/20

New Social Distancing AssuranceSignage:  Door/Wall/Floor Signs - Be Smart/Stay Apart stickers:  Download file

For more information and patent pending product details, call 1 (800) 992-5233, or email  

Additional information from the company: 

We are offering the MPTA members a special 15% off order discount if you order by 6/30/20. We have stock and custom designs we can offer members for counter Sneeze guards based on needs. We want to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 keeping both the staff and patients safe. Visit our new web site enter - MPTA - in the promo code box on the home page. Please circulate this email to anyone who might want these safety products for protection and the prevention of spreading COVID-19.

We are introducing and launching a new line called CoronaCare

This line features PPE products that will reduce the in-store airborne transmittal of bodily fluids that may contain the Coronavirus.

Sneeze Guards Staff/Patient Safety Shields we have recently designed and are making from clear acrylic plastic shields for c-out lanes, pharmacy, customer service counters and any other face to face close proximity situations. These safety shields will maintain the social distancing needed by placing the clear plastic physical barrier between your cashiers/employees and your shoppers for everyone’s safety. We have various designs/sizes to choose from and mounting options depending on your needs and your equipment at the check-out /counter areas. Custom sizes and designs can be created for your specific needs. We just published this video on 5/5/20 that shows a few medical offices recently set up with the SheaShield Sneeze Guards

If you want to see individual views, click here for another video showing many designs for Countertop Sneeze Guards

Safety Face Shields is another product line offering for both retail sales and/or for your employees’/patients’ safety and protection. Wearing the crystal clear flip-up shields will really make people more comfortable and secure with this type of protection to avoid the virus getting into your eyes, nose and mouth. As they say it takes only one sneeze or cough to get the virus airborne and affect others quickly. We offer our Standard Shield with cushion and elastic band, our Deluxe design that has the flip-up shield and our Premium version that flips up with the comfort cushion on the forehead band.

Check out the first YouTube link live demo of all 3 Face Shield designs

Let us know if you would like to set up a phone call to discuss the new SheaShield designs and your needs. You can call or email your order in to our office or call 1-800-992-5233, thank you !

Get Safe- Get Protected- Get CoronaCare!

Tom Shea

T.M. Shea Products, Inc.

1950 Austin Dr.

Troy, MI 48083



May 4, 2020

Company: TM Shea Products
Location: 1950 Austin Drive, Troy, MI, USA
Contact: Tom Shea Email:
Phone: 800.992.5233 Website: Click to visit

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