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We are hosting two separate events on a virtual platform:

Student Conclave and Career Fair - Friday, March 26, 2021
During Student Conclave we will host a virtual career fair with tables for each exhibitor. Tables will include space to post information and live virtual interaction with attendees. Exhibitors can offer incentives for attendees to visit their tables. Information about these incentives will be shared with attendees prior to the event

Spring Conference and Pain Summit - Saturday, March 27, 2021
During the Spring Conference and Pain Summit we will highlight our sponsors by including their logo on all sessions and communications and will share sponsor brochures with each attendee. Sponsors will also re-ceive one complimentary registration.

Booth Registration
Quantity Type Price Total
Student Conclave Sponsor
Includes Exhibit Table and Logo on all Sessions and Communications
Student Conclave Career Fair Exhibit Table $150.00
Spring Conference/ Pain Summit Sponsor
Includes Logo on all Sessions and Communications, one complimentary registration and opportunity to share information with attendees in their registration confirmation
Referral for Profit Agreement

APTA Michigan will not process an order unless the purchaser has read the provisions below and has agreed to all terms, has indicated agreement by checking the "I agree" box, and has signed and dated and submitted this agreement along with the order form.

APTA Michigan follows the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) position on potential referral for profit. APTA is opposed, as a matter of health care policy, to arrangements under which sources of referral (including physicians) stand to profit from referring patients for physical therapy. The policy adopted by the House of Delegates, Financial Considerations in Practice (HOD 06-99-13-17) states: "The American Physical Therapy Association opposes participation in services that is in any way linked to the financial gain of the referral source." Because of this policy, APTA Michigan does not accept advertising orders from an organization or individual in a practice if any physician has a financial interest in the practice and refers patients to an employed physical therapist or to a physical therapist who supervises an employed physical therapist assistant.

To complete your submission to APTA Michigan, you must make the following certification by checking the "I agree" box below: "I certify that no referral source (including any referring physician) has a financial interest in the practice that has the position that is the subject of this sponsorship/exhibit." Please note that if you agree to this statement, you may be asked to provide conclusive documentation as to the ownership of the facility, the identity of its employees, and the referral patterns of such owners and/or employees. If APTA Michigan in the future discovers that any referral source has a financial interest in your facility (as owner and/or employee), any orders or agreements with APTA Michigan will be cancelled immediately, with no refund of payment.

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