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The APTA Michigan Legislative Committee works with the APTA Michigan Lobbyist Firm, Muchmore, Harrington, and Smalley (login required) and the APTA Michigan Board of Directors. This committee is a resource for APTA Michigan members to get answers to specific questions regarding legislation in Michigan. Advocacy and Legislation at a National level is handled by APTA. Contact the APTA Michigan office with your question at contact@aptami.org

If you have questions about any of the legislative issues please contact the APTA Michigan office with your question at contact@aptami.org

If you would like to become more involved in legislative issues please see Action Steps for PT.

The support and participation of all APTA Michigan members is much appreciated as we continue this investment in our future. If you have any suggestions, questions, answers or want to get more involved in any other way, please contact the APTA Michigan office.

Legislative News:

Legislation Introduced to Stop Auto No Fault 55% Payment Cap

posted: June 10, 2021

It has been announced today that Rep. Ryan Berman is sponsoring HB 4992, which is an alternative narrow fix to the 55% reimbursement cap for post-acute services without a corresponding payable Medicare code.

Unlike current HB 4486, which proposes a reimbursement structure based on a 200% of Medicare fee schedule, HB 4992 provides a reimbursement structure based on “the average amount charged for the treatment or training in the relevant geographic region as determined by the 3 most recent market surveys…However, if the person had a charge description master in effect on January 1, 2019, the person is not eligible for payment or reimbursement of more than the amount payable for the treatment or training under the person’s charge description master on January 1, 2019.”


PT Compact SB18 Passed Out of House Health Policy Committee

posted: May 27, 2021

SB18 - Legislation to enact the PT Compact passed out of committee May 27 and will now go to the full house for a vote.  This legislation was passed in the Senate earlier this year so the next step is the Governor's desk!


Mandatory Reporting Bill Introduced in Michigan House of Representatives

posted: May 20, 2021

On May 19, Reps Hauck and Yaroch introduced HB 4880 to add PTs and PTAs as mandatory reporters to the Child Protection Law.  We hope to move this legislation forward quickly.  

For the full text of the legislation CLICK HERE.  



PT Compact Legislation Re-introduced - SB 18

posted: January 15, 2021

On January 13, Senator Dale Zorn introduced legislation to allow Michigan physical therapy professionals to participate in the PT Compact.  This continues to be a legislative priority for APTA Michigan and a primary focus of our advocacy efforts.  

Click here for more information  SB 0018

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