Coding Edits Changed to allow Manual Therapy and Multi-Layer Compression in Same Visit

Update to the previous post:

APTA is seeking clarification from CMS. We have updated our news story to indicate that this discrepancy remains and we will provide an additional update as soon as we hear from CMS. Right now, the ability to bill for multilayer compression with manual therapy is limited to non-lymphedema conditions.

Previous Post:

Due to advocacy efforts by APTA, according to the most recent National Correct Coding Initiative edits, providers can now use CPT codes 29581-29584 (multi-layer compression systems) during the same episode as code 97140 (manual therapy) — a combination that often makes clinical sense, but wasn’t always permitted.

In terms of exactly how the codes should be reported, CMS advises that it may be necessary to use the 59 or X modifier to indicate that the two activities are distinct from each other. APTA provides guidance on the use of the X and 59 modifiers in this easy-to-use decision tree.