Our Leadership

District Leadership
  • Eastern District Chair: Melissa McCourt, PT, DPT, CBIS, NCS
  • Northern District Chair: Sarah Patterson, PT, DPT
  • Upper Peninsula District Chair: Jessica Chouinard, PT, DPT
  • Western District Chair: Cameron Faller, PT, DPT
APTA House of Delegates 2022 - Michigan Delegation
  • Caroline Gwaltney – Chief Delegate
  • Edward Mathis – President
  • Jessica Chouinard – UP District Chair
  • Cameron Faller – Western District Chair
  • Melissa McCourt – Eastern District Chair
  • Sarah Patterson – Northern District Chair
  • Katelyn Beam – Delegate
  • Karen Crute – Delegate
  • Brian Gilbert – Delegate
  • Crystal Gluch – Delegate
  • Michael Shoemaker – Delegate
  • Christopher Wilson – Delegate
  • Sherry Saggers – PTA Caucus Representative
Additional Leadership
  • Speaker of the Membership: Kathleen Walworth, PT, DPT
  • Director, Legislative Affairs: Abigail Skallerud, PT, DPT
  • Director, Professional Development: Robert Steven Budai, PT, MPT
  • Director, Conferences: Shannon Kleinert, PT, DPT
  • Director, Payment: Christopher Nawrocki, PT, DPT
  • Director, Membership and Academic Engagement: Jorgeann Koenig, PT, DPT
  • Director, Communications: Crystal Gluch, PT, DPT
  • Chief Delegate:  Caroline Gwaltney, PT, DPT, CWS
  • PTA Caucus Representative: Sherry Saggers, PTA, MS, EdD
  • Federal Affairs Liaison APTA: Lyndsey Crosbie
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