Welcome to the APTA Michigan Oncology Rehabilitation Special Interest Group (SIG).

The APTA Michigan Oncology Rehabilitation SIG was created in effort to increase physical therapy educational events, research, and treatment in the context of oncology rehabilitation. Our goal is to provide a base of communication and collaboration among SIG members in order to provide optimal physical therapy services to our oncology patients. We look forward to your involvement and contribution!


SIG News

  Michigan Cancer Consortium Cancer Plan

posted: November 13, 2020

The Michigan Cancer Consortium (MCC) just completed the development of the “Cancer Plan for Michigan, 2021-2030. This strategic plan is developed for all Michiganders to reduce the cancer burden in the state of Michigan. It is designed to provide guidance to community members and organizations to focus on work that can play a role in controlling cancer and its burdens to individuals, families and communities.

The five workgroups are:

  • Health equity
  • Cancer prevention
  • Early detection
  • Diagnosis and treatment
  • Quality of life
Click here to see the full plan: Download file  



SIG Resources

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Michigan Cancer Consortium APTA Oncology Section World Confederation of Physical Therapy


Committee Members:

Lori Boright
Mary Lynn Coughlin
Deb Doherty
Ruth Haefner
Gomati Kanphade
Cynthia Tan
Brooke Wayman

If you have any suggestions for topics or if you find an article and want to forward it to us for a review, please email Deb Doherty


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